ZN – Shorting a Pump and Locking in Profits

Short selling ZN (Zion Oil & Gas) stock after they conveniently “Struck Oil” 2 weeks before a critical warrant expiration.

ZN (Zion Oil & Gas) ran over 100% yesterday after news that their Israeli oil well has finally “struck gas pockets and discovered evidence of oil”. I use quotations because I believe this is a lie, and a blatant pump by their management in order to get the stock price above $5 before their $5 warrants expire at the end of this month. It seems far too convenient to strike oil at this time, and they have a history of pumping their share prices for financing sales. I shorted it this morning on a technical break, and covered into the opening crash. I am watching for a re-short if it breaks above $5 near the end of the month. We shall see..